Monday, August 11, 2008

Time flies when it's your last baby

This is going much too fast for me! I cannot believe that in three short weeks Simon will be celebrating his half birthday.

We are having so much fun though! Simon is such a happy guy. He's just smiling, giggling, squealing and cooing 24/7! If he cries Dan and I come running because it's got to be serious to get him crying! Well, except when he's fighting sleep or hasn't pooped. He'll cry for both of those too!

He and Jesse are just best buds. I knew from the start that Jesse dug Simon but, wow, it's just incredible to watch them together! Simon goes nuts when Jesse pays him attention! And Jesse is always pointing out when Simon smiles at him or laughs at him or something. "Mama! He smiled at me. He thinks I'm really funny!" Too stinking cute!

I love how they are so different too. Even though I just did all of this exactly two years ago, I never know what to expect! Simon rolls both directions and from belly to back and back to belly. Jesse only ever rolled one way and only from back to belly. Last night Simon rolled over and over and over until he got where he wanted to be across the living room. I just watched him laughing at how determined he was. He sat up on Saturday unassisted for the first time too. He's been trying for so long but he'll tripod and then get so excited he starts to wave his hands and SPLAT, flat on his face he goes! He finally realized that if he holds his toy close and sits up a bit straighter he can stay that way for a bit. I still can't go far though since he eventually topples over.

He wants up on his knees too. It's so funny. When he's in the tub I hold him around his chest with my forearm and let him "swim" on his tummy for a while. He loves to get those knees under him then and he giggles and splashes and has the time of his life! On the floor he gets so mad when he can't get his knees under him like that. Uh, yeah! You weigh A LOT more out of water, Chunky Boy! Yesterday I weighed him at home and he was 21 pounds. No wonder my back is killing me! This morning he was lying across my lap nursing and his little tee shirt was up above his belly button and his diaper was below and he looked like Chris Farley in a bad SNL skit with that fat belly rolling out in the middle, bellybutton dimpling into the pudge just right. And the thighs. Oh those thighs! They are so roly poly and chunky! I could nibble on them all day long.

I'd freeze time if I didn't know how much fun was still to come with every stage that is around the corner. I love being the mother to these two incredible boys!

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