Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rain, rain, go away!

Today might as well be my Monday. I was off work yesterday for a dentist appointment and a tax appointment (it's all good though since I love my dentist and I was the one preparing the taxes). So today I get up to start my work week and it's raining. Not a big deal.

Until it started really pouring! More than two inches in under an hour. Of course it was the hour in which I have to be on the road for work or I'll be late. And of course it's my day to take the kids to school. And of course when my husband's umbrella broke a few months ago he commandeered mine. I sat around waiting, hoping the rain would let up. No such luck. So out to the truck first with my bags I went. I was SOAKED! I moved the truck so it was parked as close to the house as it could get. Went back for Jesse. He's crying like the Wicked Witch of the West that he's wet. Dry him off with a burp rag. Go back for Simon. Cover him with a burp rag. Burp rag flies off and is lying in the yard. Get him in the car. He's crying because he's startled at how fast mama was moving with him in her arms. Dry them off as best I can. Get into the front seat. Hair is dripping down my back, pants are soaked, shirt is sticking to me. Drive to daycare praying along the way that the rain lets up.

It does!!!! A little. Ah well, small mercies. I figured I'd take Jesse and the bag up first and ask Donna if she had an umbrella. When we get there though, both kids are crying. I know if I take one up and leave another I will end up with two screaming babies. So I get Simon out and cover him with a sling that he promptly bucks off his head. I go around to get Jesse. He hugs me tight around the neck but his shoe gets caught in the seatbelt, falls off and floats away in the gutter just as the car door starts to close and smacks him in the head. Yeah, I ended up with two screaming babies anyway. And I got to look like a royal idiot of a mother in front of the other daycare parents to boot. (Though the mother went after Jesse's shoe for me as he's screaming, "My shoe!!!!! I'm wet! My shoe!!!!!!!" At least his head was ok, just a bump.)

I got to work an hour late. I stopped at Starbuck's on the way because I needed it. And I got blocked in by a produce truck because the guy in front of me parked in the delivery zone. I am sitting here now burping my latte with wet pants and hair dripping down my back.

Can I get a do over?

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