Sunday, May 31, 2009

How does your garden grow?

My Mother's Day gift (well, besides the Dennis DeYoung concert) this year was a day of gardening. I thought it was too early to start, but Dan argued all the seed packets say "plant after May 10" and it would be the perfect activity for us on Mother's Day after church and brunch (my two Mother's Day requirements). So that's what we did!

Dan tilled the spot I chose at the edge of our back lot and put up a fence. On our way back from brunch we picked up my plants and seeds and then we got to work. I wish I was able to work in the dirt and take pictures because the boys were so adorable with their little shovels and tools. Of course, it wasn't as cute when Simon would pull plants right out of the ground as soon as I put them in, but we had a really good time together!

And I got a lovely garden out of it. I have no idea what I'm doing (as evidenced by the ridiculous number of broccoli plants I put in) and who knows how it will all turn out, but it was fun to plant and we are enjoying watching things pop through the ground and grow. This year will be our learning experience. Next year we will know more and hope to add berry bushes around the grounds also.

We planted: tomatoes, sweet peppers, green peppers, green beans, wax beans, two kinds of sweet onions, two kinds of podded peas, cucumbers, zucchini, yellow squash, lettuce mix, carrots, corn, broccoli, broccoli, broccoli, broccoli, and did I mention broccoli?

My garden

Two weeks in, I took the camera with me to check the progress. I was surprised at what was coming up. I think I expected a complete FAIL in the back of my mind - a Peter Rabbit ravaged lot or birds all fat and happy from digging up and eating my seeds. Instead I found sprouts and plants that were bigger and healthier than when I put them in. Despite two killing frosts and one freeze (and a stubborn husband who ignored the news forecasts and my pleas to find something to cover my garden with) it survived!


Broccoli (with yet more broccoli in the background)
My Uncle Howard, gardener extraordinairre who wins a blue ribbon for his peppers every year at the Westmoreland County Fair, says my peas are putting his to shame. So yay!

Amazing to think this will be "knee high in July"

Our little gardening crew


Life with Pog said...

What a nice big garden you have! And WOW... that's a lot of broccoli. Our church has asked each of us to plant an extra plant and donate the veggies from it to the local food pantry. Maybe you can donate broccoli. :)

Momma Miller said...

WOW, I missed this post somehow. How's the garden coming??? Any new pix? Our entire first crop was eaten. Well, not the WHOLE thing, but enough that we had to actually go out and BUY new plants (most of the others I had started from scratch). It was so sad. So it's kinda small, but we planted enough so that I can make a lot of homemade salsa to take us through the winter. Up here in Nebraska there's not really any "real" salsa. So this Texas gal has to do what she can. :)



jomama said...

That's a great idea about donating some crops, Sara!

Shaye, I'm sorry you lost so much. I really thought I was going to also. As of now though, the carrots and lettuce are done for. The onions aren't looking too promising either. My broccoli looks good, peas are doing great too. The rest is decent. Homemade salsa sounds wonderful!