Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blasted Pop Tarts!

This morning I informed Jesse that once this box of Pop Tarts was gone I was not going to purchase any more. Dan wanted Pop Tarts on hand so he could grab a quick breakfast on his way out the door. But since I started buying them Jesse has insisted on having one every morning. He eats his breakfast in the car on the way to preschool so it is convenient and I get him the organic ones, but they are so full of sugar and I don't like him starting his day that way.

Anyway, in true 3 year old style, he decided to try to convince me. "Mama. I have an idea. How about instead... You just go buy more Pop Tarts at the store?" he suggested from the back seat in his sweet little voice.

I chuckled to myself since I expected him to put up a fight to try to save his beloved Pop Tarts.

"You are one crazy Pop Tart fiend, you know that don't you, Jesse?"

He paused for a few seconds to think about that one. Then he laughed and said, "Nooooo. I'm just a person, Mama!"

God, I love that kid.


CMM said...

yikes - beware when they start problem-solving! so cute though.

Sheila said...

don't you love it when they start negotiating? Caileigh is a master negotiator! "Mom, how about we do this", all while waving her hand about. I give her nutri grain bars on the way to school and was thinking the same thing the other day - this is the last box to buy! Damn sugar and HFCS!

Momma Miller said...

SO sweet! That sounds SOOO much like my daughter. Especially the "I have an idea...how about instead..." part. Out of the mouths of babes. The negotiating is hilarious.

I'm back from several mini-vacations that started the first week of May, so I hope to be around more often.



Life with Pog said...

That's hysterical. Jesse is so smart!

Shaye said...

Hey gal, where are you? I miss your posts!

~Shaye (Momma Miller)

jomama said...

Vacation. Just got in last night!

I have a ton of stuff to post about once I get caught up.