Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Boys and boobs

Jesse's 3rd birthday is a week from tomorrow. I wish I could make time stand still.

Jesse is nursing. The boys loves to nurse and nursing meets his needs and I'm happy to continue so we're not considering weaning at this point. Sometimes I ask Jesse how long he will nurse though. Just to satisfy my own curiosity.

Usually when I ask he tells me "Forever!" and then as I go up the chain of boys/men he knows he says he will nurse when he's that old... Landon (4), Joseph (6), Brandon (10), Chris (13), Daddy... he says yes to all of them.

Last night I asked if he liked to nurse and he told me YES! Then I asked how long and he told me, "For a while." That was different so I went up the line. "Will you nurse when you are as old as Landon?" "Yes! Yes, Mama!" "What about when you're as old as Joseph?" He thought about this for a little bit and then answered, "No. I think I'll stop nursing before then."

That's different. And I'm ok with it. I guess he's set his weaning date (for now) sometime between 4 and 6. Works for me!


East End Jenn said...

That's so sweet! I am amazed at how much I love nursing beyond infancy. I love how excited Violet gets when we're sitting down to nurse. She giggles so much she's practically hysterical.

jomama said...

Aw! Violet is such a sweetie!

Simon does that too. He starts to giggle when I ask, giggles harder when I lift my shirt, and by the time I open my bra he's delirious with the giggling. It's too sweet.