Friday, November 14, 2008

Just what I needed today

With Simon approaching 9 months and another well baby visit with his pediatrician, I've been thinking a lot about our delayed vaccination schedule. As of right now, Simon has never received any vaccinations. I intended originally to refuse all vaccines early on in order to take my time researching and starting him at 9 months at the absolute earliest. As I researched, I considered not vaccinating at all though I've never felt 100% confident in that decision either. To complicate things is the fact that Dan is leaving this entire subject to me. It's a hard burden to bear alone.

Today I discovered a new blog with some compelling information, some factual and some anecdotal. I've already decided to take more time making my choice as to what to do with Simon. I will refuse again at this appointment and possibly start vaccinating at his one year appointment. Time will tell.

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